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There is no better feeling when reading a good book than seeing: Part II

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Part II

You know when you see this that the author just sucked you into a new world, brought you to a crazy moment, and is about to start it all from the top.

You can choose to do this in your life as well. People always talk…

The big dream is important but the path to get there isn’t as simple as it seems.

You’re here because you have a big idea. You want to accomplish something great, you want to reach the pinnacle of success in your world. But something isn’t going right.

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You’ve tried to start many times over now but you can’t seem to get off the ground. No matter how…

You won’t follow this advice. Just like you won’t follow the advice of any other articles that you read today because Resistance is strong.

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Now that I’ve written the disjointed mess that will follow this intro, and my thoughts and intentions are clear, what the hell are you learning from this?

Simple. Writing out your thoughts in the form of journaling will allow you to have more powerful realizations about your life and accelerate…

Is it already within myself to steel myself against these outcomes?
Am I already able to mitigate the worst case scenarios?
If I already possess those two things, what am I really asking for? For things to just be easier? That’s not a possibility in reality.
When faced with a tough situation our choices are to change or alter the situation, or change or alter ourselves to handle the situation. There is no wishing for things to be easier.
With the options available to me I can choose the best path.
With that path I can prepare myself for the tasks at hand.

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