Priorities; Find What’s Right For You

Repriortizing Priorities

A few weeks ago a lot of my life was a mess. My friend told me I needed to sit down and figure out what I really wanted. I went through all of the elements of my life: school, relationships, work, quality of life, etc. I organized them in an order that made sense to me, prioritizing the most important things.

Now I’m not sure what to do. On that list I have my personal writing above school. The reason being that the writing I do here and in other places will continue to grow with me far more than my homework assignments. I still stand behind that reasoning but I’m wondering where the line should be drawn.

I have study questions to do before 8am tomorrow. I also have writing topics that I’m behind on. According to my list of priorities I should focus on writing to completion, but writing doesn’t have a strict deadline. So I should focus on school. So I guess I should do that but I’ve already started this. Let’s go deeper.

I shouldn’t even be having these priority issues. I should be getting my daily Medium writing done between 6:45AM and 7:15. Then my other writing topics are done between 8 and 2, along with any school work.

The problem is my mornings need a lot of work. And I don’t spend time working on the things that I should.

I’m not sure why my mornings are so rough. I wake up without any problems, and I start my journal then do some reading. But when it’s time to go make breakfast I just don’t. I think this morning it was because I would have had to do dishes before food. Either way, after breakfast I’m supposed to go to the gym. This is the big problem.

The gym is at my school, which is 30 minutes away. I can’t just go to the gym then come home until my classes later in the day. I’d need to stay at the school basically from 7:45AM to 4-6PM. I can still work on everything I need to at the school. I just feel like it’s a big time commitment.

Ultimately I know what the right choice is, it’s just far from the easy choice. Going to the gym in the morning allows me to better execute every single one of my priorities. It’s just the correct next step in building the life I want.



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