Thoughts on Thoughts on…

Thoughts on thoughts on thoughts. This has been a hard night. Normally I would let myself off the hook and not write tonight, but I still have 31 minutes til midnight so I dont really have any excuses.

Theres been something driving me lately. Something stronger than any motivation I’ve felt.

It’s made me quit gaming. Not because I felt I had to, I just lost the interest.

It’s made me start writing again. It’s made me share that writing with someone in my life. Again not because I felt I had too, it just felt right.

It’s something that has allowed me to see the future. No, not visions or any type of voodoo. I just know now that I have the strength to make everything I envision possible.

That something is a purpose. A reason for truly being the best person I can be. No more excuses, no more hiding, no more false accountability, just being better.

That something is in fact a person. I’m not going to say much about her, she has her own story to tell.

I just know that I’m a different person than I was last week. Last night. Last minute. And it’s because of her.

The place that I’ve consistently gone wrong in my entire career of personal development is consistency. I start things but I don’t finish. I’ve found two ways lately to focus on that consistency. Building habits of course is important. That’s number one. It’s something everyone on Medium talks about, we all understand habits better than the average person. What I want to talk about are dreams. Actually I want to talk about talking about dreams.

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve”

-Napoleon Hill

The dreams you have are nothing but thoughts. That’s all they are. Thoughts and ideas. So how is it that people achieve their goals and aspirations? Well they act on their ideas. What’s the simplest way to act on an idea? Write it down. That’s a very large portion of Napoleon Hills book Think and Grow Rich. Write out your dreams so you can better act on them. What’s an even better way to act on a thought? Tell someone. Discuss it with them. Put it out to the world. Gain insight you wouldn’t have gotten from yourself.

Tim Ferriss just accomplished this on an astronomical level with his book Tribe of Mentors. He had issues in his life; questions that he wanted answered. Instead of pondering them silently, or reading hundreds of books, or experiencing thousands of failures, he simply asked people. He asked every single great person he could think of. Insane right?

Hundreds responded to his simple but deep questions. And he compiled them. He had his answers. He had a new book.

All from putting a simple idea into action.



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